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Sign up for our Competitive "Skills & Drills Academy" Trainings"!!

Improve your basketball skills with our comprehensive training program.  Register and make payment $160 for our (4) session package and save money!!!  Register & make payment to reserve your spot...visit the  "Registration & Payment" Link.

  • Saturday's-9:00am-10:30pm (4th-HS) 

  • Saturday's-11:00am-12:15am     (K-3rd)

Location: Eagle Heights Church

16718 W. Bellfort Ste. A

Richmond, TX 77498

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Basketball Trainning Near Me

Improve Your Skills Through Skill Development Training

Players do not get better by just playing in many basketball games. They become great players through intense training; the better the skills, the better the player. At All American Basketball Camp, we believe that the best players are those who are fundamentally skilled, rather than those who are more athletic or talented.


We designed Drills Academy training to teach players proper fundamentals through drill repetition. Training will consist of high-intensity competitive drills. This training will be sure to elevate your game to the next level. We listed the information needed to register and the drills that are covered during training sessions. We will group players according to grade/skill level (Ex. 3rd–12th). See you soon!

Register for Competitive "Drills Academy" Training

Player Driving

Ball Handling

This skill focuses on the fundamentals of dribbling the basketball with proper techniques. There's a high percentage of youth players who lack confidence and do not know the fundamentals in dribbling. As a result, they often lose control of the ball while dribbling, and they constantly look downward on the ball.

An exceptional ball handler will have excellent vision on the court. We're here to change the past and look forward to your future of getting better!

Skills Covered:

  • Proper Techniques When Dribbling

  • Eyes Up

  • Ball Below the Waist

  • Guard Arm for Protection

  • Various Dribbling Drills With Both the Left and Right Hand

  • Changing Directions

  • Speed Dribbles

  • Catching The Ball in a Triple Threat

  • Hand Positioning

  • And More!


This skill focuses on the ability to shoot the basketball with correct form, trajectory, and, most of all, confidence. We will teach BEEF principles for players to focus on the elements of an excellent shot. We will build their shot from the ground up to increase their shooting percentage. They will learn how to shoot off of the dribble, set shots, and learn to shoot off of screens. In this clinic, free throw shooting will also be incorporated.

Skills Covered:

  • Proper Shooting Techniques

  • BEEF Principles

  • Catching the Ball in a Triple Threat

  • Jump Stop Into Their Shot

  • 1–2 Step

  • Various Shooting Drills From All Spots on the Floor

  • Shooting Off the Dribble and Pass

  • Proper Free Throw Shooting Techniques

  • Form Shooting

  • And More

Offensive Skills

These skills focus on the fundamentals of creating your own shot. Players will be taught how to make offensive moves with and without the ball. Great offensive players know how to read and react to how the defense plays them. They are also more than capable of creating their own shot. We will help you develop these skills to be more of a threat.

Skills Covered:

  • Dribble Drive Towards the Goal
  • Various Moves to Get Past the Defender, Including:
    • Hesitation

    • Rocker Step

    • In/Out Move

    • Jab Step

    • Crossover

  • Using Back Door Cuts,
  • V-Cuts and L-Cuts to Get Open
  • Creating Separation and Space
  • Post Play
  • And More
  • Defensive Skills

    These skills focus on proper defensive techniques that will allow players to be confident in stopping their opponent. Youth league teams primarily run zone defenses with limited teaching of the principles of man-to-man defense. It is imperative for players to understand these principles as they move to middle and high school. If they don't, it will seem complex and overwhelming.

    Skills Covered:

    • Proper Stance

    • Closeouts

    • Rebounding

    • Communication in Man-to-Man Defense Terminology (Ready, Ball, Dead, and Shot)

    • Slides With Changing Direction

    • Man-to-Man Defensive Principles and Drills

    • Transition Defense

    • Understanding Half-Court Defense

    • Denials and How to Play the Passing Lanes

    • Pivoting and Footwork

    • And More

    What We Offer

    Private and Competitive "Drills Academy" Training

    Are you seriously dedicated to improving your game to make a youth team, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team, junior high team, or high school team? Do you wish to develop as a collegiate or professional player?

    At All American Basketball Camp, we would like to offer a customized comprehensive private, group, or team instruction package to enhance your skill level. We offer training for boys and girls aged 5–18 as well as men and women.

    Private and group training sessions are conducted on an hourly basis. Team instruction is done for 2 hours. We’ll create a customized training program to suit your needs. It includes, but is not limited to: 

    • Ball Handling

    • Proper Shooting Technique

    • Passing

    • Rebounding

    • Individual Offense/Team Offense

    • Individual Defense/Team Defense

    • Post Play

    • Footwork

    • Mental Toughness 

    • 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 Live Scrimmaging

    We ensure success at a higher level with proven techniques, training aids, and strategies that will bring out the champion in each player. We look forward to working with you soon!

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